Getting your home ready for photos and showings.

Getting your home ready for photography and showings, a checklist:

Real estate photography and videoWhen you’re getting your home ready for sale, there are many things to pay attention to. It can all get overwhelming worrying about what’s important and what’s not so important. We hope the information contained here takes some of the burden away, while also allowing our photography and video to showcase how special your home is. We wrote this guide in such a way to hopefully be useful to real estate agents and homeowners in Oregon and Washington, but these principals are pretty universal, so if you’re in California or New York, don’t worry you can still use it!

If you still have questions about how to best prepare your home for your photoshoot and the (hopefully) many showings that will follow, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We work with a large network of professionals who love to help people show off their homes in the absolute best light (pun intended) possible. From interior designers to home stagers to realtors. If we don’t have the answer to your question, one of our partners will. Guaranteed!

On to the helpful bit:

We have broken this article by area of interest. If you’d like to skip all of this and go straight to the downloadable, printable PDF, click here. If you’re a Realtor, and would like to share this with your clients, please feel free to do so!

Real estate photography and video, Backlight Marketing Co

  • Exterior

  1. Garbage cans pulled out of view
  2. Cars out of driveway
  3. Toys picked up
  4. Marijuana plants moved into garage or out of site (your address will be shown and it could create safely issue)
  5. Patios cleared of clutter
  6. Any general clutter around yard removed
  • Entryway

  1. Shoes/jackets removed
  2. General clutter removed
  • Living Room

  1. Blankets folded neatly
  2. Pillows arranged neatly
  3. Floors swept
  4. Carpets vacuumed
  5. General clutter removed (less the better)
  6. Pet beds removed

Real Estate Photos and Video

  • Kitchen

  1. Counters cleared. (A few items like microwave and small appliances ok but all other items removed)
  2. Wipe down appliances to remove fingerprints/smudges
  3. Remove pet food/water dishes
  4. Dining room tables clear (small flower arrangements give a nice welcoming feeling)
  5. Floors swept
  • Bathrooms

  1. Toilet seats down
  2. Counters cleared
  3. Bathtub cleaned and if possible remove items like shampoo,razors and soap
  4. The less the better

  • Bedrooms

  1. All beds made
  2. Clothes out of sight
  3. Remove clutter from floor and around room
  4. If you wanted walk in closets photographed have them straightened 
  5. Personal items removed
  6. Pet beds removed 
  • General Misc.

  1. Have all lights/lamps on prior to photographers arrival
  2. Ceiling fans off (Leave the light on)
  3. Pets secured in crate or room

That’s all the real estate photography knowledge we can drop on you for now.

If there’s anything we missed, or something that’s a pet peeve of yours and you think we should add it, send us a note about it and we will add it to the list!

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Real estate photography and video, Backlight Marketing Co